Our Capabilities.

From sketch to sandwich board.

Here’s what we’re about: a unique, multidisciplinary perspective. After all, when you’ve created branding and identity design for big corporations—and campaigns for non-profit organizations—you gain a pretty diverse skill set.

IntraLinks Times Square Billboard

IntraLinks Billboard, Times Square

What We Do

As you can see, we do lots of stuff. But one of our favorite things to do is pick apart our clients’ communications, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and put them back together even stronger. We believe all organizations—big and small—should set the foundation for all their communications in a well-defined, relevant brand. The authenticity and accurate exposition of this brand is what will set them apart in their particular competitive environment. Just as no two sets of fingerprints are the same across all people, no two organizations are ever the same. The key factor in creating compelling communications that differentiate an organization from its competitor is how completely the unique gems of the organization are drawn out, processed through the brand, and creatively presented back through the particular communication. It’s our process that enables us to mine these gems, and refine and shape them so that the inherent value of the organization shines through and attracts and engages their target audiences.

We work with big and small clients across the country, across a range of industries. We love learning new things, and approach each new project with “beginner’s mind.” Contact us for more information on how we might help you.