Laser Cutting Offers Beautiful Precision

Laser-cutting Offers Beautiful Precision

Turn 2D into 3D with laser cutting. Laser cutting is a v-cool way to create depth in metal, plastic, wood…pretty much anything. The precision is unbeatable, and the detail can be minute.

It can go very small, as on this business card:

Laser-cut business card

Laser cutter created this unique business card design for creative director Roy Alter. Image © Roy Alter

Or something much larger, like this sculpture:

Braindrop laser cut sculpture

Sculptor Kate Raudenbush utilizes welded and laser-cut metal in her beautiful designs. Image © Dush To Ashes

Looking for an innovative approach to your wedding invitation? Check this awesomeness out:

Laser cut wedding invitation

Graphic designer Chase Kettl used laser cutting to create beautiful invitations for her wedding.

Last but not least, these beautiful light sculptures, created with laser by Jared Tarbell More by Jared »

Laser light sculptures

These gorgeous light towers required special laser calculations to ensure the light found its way through the paper. Image © Jared Tarbell

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