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Fun Friday: Coca-Cola’s “Social Media Guard”

Hahaha, I’m still chuckling. We’re so busted! But beyond the funny fake ad, I think this is a great piece of branding by Coke. You get the payoff at the end: “Share a real moment with Coca-Cola.” A low-budget video that goes viral. Kind of. What can you do that’s even better than this?

Social Media Guard

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Infographic: How Not to Look Bad on a Web Cam

The way we work is changing so fast…I’ve only met about half my clients in person. On a daily basis, it’s email and phone with the occasional video chat. I love to see your pretty face, but here are some tips by Lemonly on how to look even better for the person on the other end of the line.


[via Lemonly]

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Infographic: 10 Tips for Better Social Media Updates

Some great ideas by Short Stack and The Social Skinny on how to maximize your likes, shares and comments. Pin it to your wall! My faves:

  • Share a Tip — people love them! Make sure you identify it as a tip, though.
  • Inspire Action — wishin’ ain’t gonna make it so…ask and you shall receive: “Share this”, “Comments, please” or “Pin it!” all help make action happen.
  • Add PS — this works when used sparingly, otherwise ppl will stop looking at the PS as well.

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Social Media Updates Infographic

Via Design Taxi

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Brand Extension: A Morning Dose of Grumpy Cat?

Quick on the heels of the kittens and bacon infographic post is the news that a coffee drink honoring social media star-kitty Grumpy Cat is coming soon. Grumpy Cat’s brand and product managers claim:

“Grumpy Cat™ Grumppuccino™ iced coffee is a delicious and creamy blend of premium Arabica coffee and milk! It’s Awfully Good™”

Finally, social media will make it to the supermarket aisle. I don’t make this stuff up! See it for yourself.


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Five More Scrolly Websites

It’s called parallax scrolling, it’s (one of) the hot new things in web design. Possibly gimmicky, when used thoughtfully it can create some amazing effects, as seen below. One thing is for sure: the era of rich visuals on the web is finally here, woo-hoo! We looked at Every Last Drop a few months ago, here are some more examples. Start by scrolling! And enjoy…



Green Man




Pitchfork Cover Stories


Soleil Noir


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