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Infographic: Apple vs. Google

A great side-by-side comparison of two technology giants by Great Business Schools. Interesting to see how they each to certain things more successfully, but both have also had their failures. Most striking is the difference in the perception of security between iOS and Android — Apple is winning that battle. Also, Apple apps makes almost five times the revenue of Google apps with one quarter of the market share! Personally, I am too invested in Apple products to switch. But I do wish the price point would come down a bit. So who do you think is winning?

Apple vs. Google

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Stock Photography: New “Lean In” Collection


Courtesy Getty Images

There’s been a lot of chatter in the last week about the new Lean In stock photo collection on Getty Images. Co-curated by Getty Images and (Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg’s non-profit), the collection is meant to impart a “powerful depiction of women, girls and the people who support them.” Presumably to combat images like this that proliferate weird, dated stereotypes of women.

“The stock imagery around women is embarrassing,” Jessica Bennett, contributing editor at, said in a press release. “You can’t be what you can’t see, so if women and girls are not seeing images of powerful women and girls who are leaders, then they may not aspire to become that.”

I love this! Stock images get stale so quickly, and almost never appear authentic. I am hoping this is a step in the right direction for the advertising/marketing world, that it will bleed into the depiction of the rest of the world according to stock photography.

Here are some selects that show the diversity of the collection:


Courtesy Getty Images


Courtesy Getty Images


Courtesy Getty Images


Courtesy Getty Images

Check out the complete collection of 2,500 images here »

PS: If you were interested in knowing what is currently the top downloaded image of “woman” from Getty, it’s this…

Top downloaded woman image from Getty

On a train. Huh.

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Five More Scrolly Websites

It’s called parallax scrolling, it’s (one of) the hot new things in web design. Possibly gimmicky, when used thoughtfully it can create some amazing effects, as seen below. One thing is for sure: the era of rich visuals on the web is finally here, woo-hoo! We looked at Every Last Drop a few months ago, here are some more examples. Start by scrolling! And enjoy…



Green Man




Pitchfork Cover Stories


Soleil Noir


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A Design Reinvention of the Band-Aid

There’s always room for improvement, as evidenced by this evolution of the band-aid by Taiwanese university students. The adhesive bandage was originally designed in 1920 by a Johnson & Johnson employee for his wife who had a bad habit of cutting herself while cooking (my vice as well). It was a beautifully simple design to keep infection to a minimum. I hope this new iteration comes with a user guide!

By the way, talk about a category-killing name: “Band-Aid” was the brand name of the adhesive bandage J&J introduced in the 1920s that has since become a genericized trademark for the adhesive bandage category. I’m not sure “AmoeBAND” is going to beat that.

Band-aid Redesign


Source: BusinessWeek

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Ten Technologies You Don’t Need to Upgrade!

Remember when we could buy things and not have to re-buy them in three years? I still have a working GE clock radio my cousin gave me in 1988. Of course, it’s been replaced on my bedside table by iPhone crickets…but the point is, it still works! Are products made to last gone forever?

Illustrator Angela Liao of 20px gives us this nostalgic digital hand drawing of times past. Hmmmm. Maybe we can’t live without technology. See more of her great work here »

10 Technologies You Don't Need to Upgrade

Comic illustration by Angela Liao, 20px. Published without permission; all rights reserved.

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