How It Works

To find gold, you have to dig deep.

Doing some soul-searching about your business? Dissatisfied with where you are at right now? Or dreaming of a new venture? We can help, in three easy steps.

1. R&D. Or, “Tell us your dreams.”

Our first step is something few other partners do. We listen.

Tell us your goals, complaints, hopes, dreams, and worries—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Tell us where you want to be in five years.

That’s the start of our deep dive into your enterprise. We talk to key people inside and outside your company and learn everything possible. We look at everything you’re currently using to sell your brand. Then we digest all these details and assess how your brand can be improved (or launched). The information is distilled in your Brand Frame—the key document that guides all creative work going forward.

Voila! The foundation has been built. That done, we move on to…

2. Creative. Where your brand takes shape.

Next we develop the very core of your brand: your identity. During the creative process we put our heads to paper and screen to develop a fresh approach to your business that will get people to take notice.

We present a variety of creative concepts for you. Based on your feedback, one of those will eventually become a website homepage or brochure—a Proof of Concept. Our brand idea (and your new look) come to life here.

Once you’re thrilled with the creative, we get into…

3. Execution. The “Pow!” part.

You’ve got a brand. So what now?

Now we start invigorating every point of communication with your new branding: your web site, print collateral, presentations, PSAs, ads, signage, interiors, and more. This toolkit will launch your brand with such momentum you’d need an ABM to stop it. See, your brand’s success lies in the quality of each application of the identity design. That’s why we make sure everything is polished and consistent.

Some call us brand freaks. We don’t mind. We only do it because we get your hopes and dreams, and we work every day so you can achieve them.

That’s how we roll.

When you’re receiving kudos on your fresh new image, we’re just getting warmed up. After all, there will be sales to grow. Fans to answer. New markets to cultivate. We’re here for that too. Whenever, however you need us. Just contact us.