Birchwood Center.

Evolving a well-loved local brand.

Melissa is always direct and honest with us, making sure that our choices are professional and in line with our goals. The branding that she has created truly reflects the essence Birchwood Center. With her help, Birchwood has become a standard of excellence in the community.”

— Charlene Bradin, Co-Director


Keep an established brand fresh and relevant.


Our work with this client is continuous. They are a small business with committed owners who continue to grow their marketing savvy — and we work hard to keep up with their marketing needs. With the bulk of the conceptual thinking established from the beginning, we continue to create all types of effective work for the brand.


Birchwood Center was one of our first clients. Because we’ve been the stewards of this brand since 2005, we’ve evolved the work with them to continually convey the personal and spiritual growth that happens in their Yoga studio every day.

When we work with a client for this long, we can internalize their business needs, and that close relationship creates great efficiency over time. This is as close to mind-reading as we’ll ever get.


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