Cowgirl Ball.

Designing a signature event brand.


Create a signature fundraising event that complements its newly named and branded nonprofit organization.


This client, a nonprofit organization for therapeutic horseback riding, needed a memorable event to raise funds among a dwindling constituency of parents. Creating excitement would be vital to the program’s expansion — and for funds to care for the horses. Having just completed a renaming and branding for the organization, we worked closely with the Executive Director to explore ways parents and supporters would come out for the new event. “Cowgirl” was a natural fit since Forward Stride had large involvement by moms. We took that concept and ran with it.


The event exceeded our expectations. Lauding cowgirls as heroines not only attracted the moms to the event, but drew additional publicity by inspiring a “Cowgirl of the Year,” honoring a local female leader as modern cowgirl. We sold out— raising $75,000 for an organization with an operating budget of $50,000. It was the talk of the town, and over the next four years, the concept grew exponentially. Because we had our hands in everything, the client was able to produce a cohesive, rocking event where everyone had a blast!