Building an innovative start-up brand.


Distill a multi-part document organizing system into a get-it-at-a-glance brand while designing an intuitive, useful product.


The client brought us an extremely robust document organizing system. She had done the hard work to develop a very capable product. We were initially tasked to brand the entire system as well as evolve the product design. Respectful of our process, she worked closely with us to lay a brand foundation before we began product design. In this way, our creative direction was built in to the produce development as well as the brand, and everything was more efficient.

After two years of hard work, we broke off one piece of the puzzle into a singular product for launch.


Launching an innovative product always has major challenges. Spending the time to create a strong brand from the start paves the way to a tightly designed product and highly recognizable marketing material. While there was a little more spend for our client up front, she now has the tools to get investors excited and increase her sales. The ball is rolling.