National Forensic League.

Revitalizing an enduring nonprofit brand.


Dramatically raise the visibility and energy level of this entrenched scholastic nonprofit brand.


When your organization has thrived for more than 85 years, does its brand need much attention? With membership in this “NFL” having grown stagnant and public visibility low, their answer to this question was a definite “yes.” The organization needed to attract membership — and media exposure. Our deep dive went beyond their collateral into their history. We drew learning about their vision and culture from all their constituents: staff, students and coaches, even their Board of Directors. Everything we found, including a competitive analysis, showed their communications hadn’t kept pace with their programming. We recommended a clearer, simpler brand approach. And a name change.


Our work infused the energy and excitement of speech and debate competition throughout the design. The new concept: “spark transformation.” Our research showed the biggest impact the NFL made in the world was the transformative effect forensics has on the students that participate at the secondary school level. Our dynamic visual approach was intended for outside audiences to connect quicker with the importance of the activity and the organization.


Before & Afters