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Fun Friday: Coca-Cola’s “Social Media Guard”

Hahaha, I’m still chuckling. We’re so busted! But beyond the funny fake ad, I think this is a great piece of branding by Coke. You get the payoff at the end: “Share a real moment with Coca-Cola.” A low-budget video that goes viral. Kind of. What can you do that’s even better than this?

Social Media Guard

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Stock Photography: New “Lean In” Collection


Courtesy Getty Images

There’s been a lot of chatter in the last week about the new Lean In stock photo collection on Getty Images. Co-curated by Getty Images and (Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg’s non-profit), the collection is meant to impart a “powerful depiction of women, girls and the people who support them.” Presumably to combat images like this that proliferate weird, dated stereotypes of women.

“The stock imagery around women is embarrassing,” Jessica Bennett, contributing editor at, said in a press release. “You can’t be what you can’t see, so if women and girls are not seeing images of powerful women and girls who are leaders, then they may not aspire to become that.”

I love this! Stock images get stale so quickly, and almost never appear authentic. I am hoping this is a step in the right direction for the advertising/marketing world, that it will bleed into the depiction of the rest of the world according to stock photography.

Here are some selects that show the diversity of the collection:


Courtesy Getty Images


Courtesy Getty Images


Courtesy Getty Images


Courtesy Getty Images

Check out the complete collection of 2,500 images here »

PS: If you were interested in knowing what is currently the top downloaded image of “woman” from Getty, it’s this…

Top downloaded woman image from Getty

On a train. Huh.

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2013 Wrap-Up: Our Creative Year in Review

For me, 2013 was kind of a slog. But despite the challenges this year brought, we got to work on some very awesome projects. Here’s what stands out.


2013 brought responsive design and some really great WordPress themes that we designed for clients — seven total, five that have already launched.

Stylo Furniture & Design Website

We helped Stylo Furniture & Design launch their first e-commerce site, powered by WordPress.

Our local client Towne Crier Cafe opened in Beacon in October. We designed the new website in conjunction with the grand opening. Full site coming soon. View site »

We helped our one of our favorite animal photographers Lisa Cueman launch her new portfolio site and blog this year.

Portland client MPowerOregon launched their new site in June. We also helped pull their logo and corporate identity together.

Branding & Identity Design: Alexander Project Services

What’s more fun than a branding and identity design project? One where we get to rename the company! This project also included a website (more WordPress), the proof of concept which drove our design. Read more about the project here »

Alexander Project Services Stationery - launching any day now!

New name, brand identity and website for Alexander Project Services (formerly BAF) in 2013.

Event Branding: Windows on Main Street 2013

This year was the 100th birthday for Beacon, and my town celebrated in style. We jumped on the bandwagon with Windows on Main Street and created a retro branding theme for the 2013 version of this annual community art event. The branding brought high visibility to the event!

WOMS Main Street Banner

Banner in the middle of Main Street announced our presence with authority!

WOMS Coasters

Coasters were distributed in all the pubs through the summer to promote the event.

WOMS Ad in The Paper

We even did a wee bit of advertising this year.

New Product Launch: MinderPet

This might have been my favorite project from 2013. It hit our sweet spot of combining product development, branding, and communications design. Read more about the project here »

MinderPet Packaging


And finally, a few new logos…

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Fun Friday: Kittens & Bacon

Cats and bacon rule the Internet. That’s just how it is today. People search for “cats” on Google over 30,000,000 times per month. Funny cats storm Facebook every hour — cats tend to go viral more than any other animal. Bacon, which gets more attention than Kevin Bacon that’s for sure, has over 10,000,000 fans on Facebook. While the winning chemistry of cats and bacon and the Internet is a little mysterious, there should be some things we can learn from it to apply to our own Internet marketing, as we can see from this fab infographic by Marketo. If nothing else, you can at least see what you are competing with online, and have a chuckle too.

Kittens & Bacon

via Mashable

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Infographic: Advertising – Do You Buy It?

We put all this work into brand building through advertising, websites, emails, and other means. Do people believe our claims? The savvy American consumer of 2013 sees a lot of sales messages, especially now that web and digital advertising is beginning to proliferate. Eyes can easily skip over a banner ad on a web page now that we are accustomed to its location. First the consumer has to see the ad, but then they have to believe it.

The infographic below, by Ambassador, pulls out some factoids we can learn from:

  • In the age of Facebook, company websites are still a critical means of getting your message out there — they are perceived as the most trusted advertising medium.
  • Younger adults (aged 18 to 34) are much more likely to believe that advertising is honest in it’s claims at least sometimes, while baby boomers (those over 55) are much less likely to believe.
  • There’s a substantial discrepancy in the perception of consumer-belief between advertisers and their consumers: advertisers think consumers don’t trust advertising only about 7% of the time, but  consumers report “never” or “usually not” believing ads 28% of the time.
  • The Forms of Advertising is also revealing in where energy should be spent on your communications.

All of this is also dependent on the strength of a brand. Brands for small businesses usually have a more intimate relationship with their customers, and that trust typically extends to believing their advertising and marketing. My take on it is that as long as your brand is authentic and consistent, your customers will believe what you say, and potential customers will be drawn to you.

Advertising Infographic


Via Mashable

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