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Infographic: Apple vs. Google

A great side-by-side comparison of two technology giants by Great Business Schools. Interesting to see how they each to certain things more successfully, but both have also had their failures. Most striking is the difference in the perception of security between iOS and Android — Apple is winning that battle. Also, Apple apps makes almost five times the revenue of Google apps with one quarter of the market share! Personally, I am too invested in Apple products to switch. But I do wish the price point would come down a bit. So who do you think is winning?

Apple vs. Google

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Visual History of Apple Products

This may be overly-indulgent, but this colorful timeline combines two of my favorite things: the Apple brand and great infographics. Pop Chart Lab has created this awesome infographical history of Apple’s product development. If you’ve also used Apple products in the last 30 years, it’s very fun to spend some time with. My Mac museum currently houses a Mac SE ($14 thrift shop purchase), blue PowerMac G3 (my first freelance computer), and a G4 sunflower (private donation) — soon to be joined by our PowerMac G5 which currently serves as the scanning server. Enjoy!

You can purchase a poster of this off Pop Chart Lab’s website.

Apple History Infographic

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