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Infographic: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Greetings from Savannah, Georgia, on this St. Patrick’s Day! Savannah hosts a huge St. Pat’s celebration, expecting 300,000 people this year. Despite the rainy day, I can attest to the throngs of partiers in green hats! For fast facts in St. Pats, check out the “St. Patrick’s Day by the Numbers” infographic below, from

2014-0317-st-patricks-day-infographic-final-forwebCourtesy of The History Channel. See original post »



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Oscars® Infographic: The Best Pictures

In celebration of the upcoming Academy Awards on Sunday night, I present to you an infographic of Best Pictures created by PR firm Beutler Ink. What an awesome example of iconography! Can you guess what movie each icon represents? Scroll to the bottom for the answers.

Click the image to view a larger version.
Best Picture Infographic by Beutler InkAnd now you know the name Beutler Ink!


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2014: The Year Ahead

2014 Calendar
In my heart of hearts, I’m a planner. There’s nothing more thrilling than starting a new creative project — not only for the potential that it holds, but also because I get to pull out the calendar and set some milestones and deadlines. As I enter my 10th year in business(!!), I’ve been doing some soul searching and decision-making. In short, 2014 will be full of innovating, letting go, and sticking with priorities. Here’s what our year holds.

Client Work: Identity Design & Brand Building

In September 2004 I started this business in order to offer “integrated branding and full service communication design” to small businesses and non-profit organizations. After doing thousands of various projects for print and web, I’ve decided to cull our offering to primarily brand development and corporate identity design (logos, stationery, corporate brochures, etc.). My goal is to keep it lean and affordable to clients who share our commitment to process and excellence. Check out our logos portfolio that Laura just pulled together.

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Yes, there was a delay in the start of the year here (It’s the 17th already? Phew, it’s been crazy-busy so far!), but I’m committed to continuing to develop the content on this blog — sharing ideas and insight about communicating brand and making design work for business. If you know people who might be interested in following along, send them the link to our sign-up form, so they can also receive our monthly DESIGN@WORK digest.

Loose Ends: Let’s Finish that Master’s Degree

In 1999, I went to grad school at Savannah College of Art & Design for Industrial Design. It was a great program, and I loved being there. But due to (partly financial and partly personal) circumstances, I did not finish the graduate degree and that’s always bugged me! So I am applying to a professional MS program at Columbia that’s designed for professionals so I can work while I’m studying. Keep your fingers crossed: the application deadline is March 15.

Well, there. I said it. They say once you say the words, the ideas turn into action. Looks like it will be a busy year, but I’m excited for what the future holds.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know…

The first Thanksgiving was a 3-day harvest feast held by the founders of Plymouth colony in 1621, attended by 53 colonists and 90 Wampanoag? They ate deer, geese swan and duck along with shellfish and lobster. And pumpkins, of course.

Enjoy more fun facts in this infographic by…and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving by the Numbers

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