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New Work: LiquidX

LiquidX Business Cards

LiquidX Business Cards

Our new fintech client, LiquidX, Inc., kept us very busy through December and January. Before the holidays hit, we switched to high gear in order to pull together a logo and corporate identity — delivering business cards to the client in two weeks. While this is never our favorite way to work, they were great decision-makers, and the process went very smoothly. I’m tickled by how the logo turned out.

LiquidX Website

LiquidX Website

We moved on to designing their website in January, completing the launch on February 8. Many thanks to our wonderful web development partners at Shero Designs on their professionalism in our tight turnaround. They were able to figure out a tricky home page slider that utilizes video with layered text and still images.

Check it out at

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New Work: Green Jay Landscaping

Green Jay Logo

Green Jay Landscaping called me in need of some help refining their brand and identity design. While the company had been founded a year before, the logo their web design company had created didn’t quite hit the mark in reflecting their brand. While there are always budgetary concerns when starting up a new business, it’s important to get the brand and design straight right off the bat.

In any case, we kicked the project off with a Brand Workshop, then worked closely with the client to develop a Brand Frame that reflected the values and personality of the company. Then it was design time! We showed them five or so options for the logo and business card, but there was one clear winner, which reflected their approach to ecological landscaping the best.

Green Jay Landscaping Business Cards

New Business card


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2013 Wrap-Up: Our Creative Year in Review

For me, 2013 was kind of a slog. But despite the challenges this year brought, we got to work on some very awesome projects. Here’s what stands out.


2013 brought responsive design and some really great WordPress themes that we designed for clients — seven total, five that have already launched.

Stylo Furniture & Design Website

We helped Stylo Furniture & Design launch their first e-commerce site, powered by WordPress.

Our local client Towne Crier Cafe opened in Beacon in October. We designed the new website in conjunction with the grand opening. Full site coming soon. View site »

We helped our one of our favorite animal photographers Lisa Cueman launch her new portfolio site and blog this year.

Portland client MPowerOregon launched their new site in June. We also helped pull their logo and corporate identity together.

Branding & Identity Design: Alexander Project Services

What’s more fun than a branding and identity design project? One where we get to rename the company! This project also included a website (more WordPress), the proof of concept which drove our design. Read more about the project here »

Alexander Project Services Stationery - launching any day now!

New name, brand identity and website for Alexander Project Services (formerly BAF) in 2013.

Event Branding: Windows on Main Street 2013

This year was the 100th birthday for Beacon, and my town celebrated in style. We jumped on the bandwagon with Windows on Main Street and created a retro branding theme for the 2013 version of this annual community art event. The branding brought high visibility to the event!

WOMS Main Street Banner

Banner in the middle of Main Street announced our presence with authority!

WOMS Coasters

Coasters were distributed in all the pubs through the summer to promote the event.

WOMS Ad in The Paper

We even did a wee bit of advertising this year.

New Product Launch: MinderPet

This might have been my favorite project from 2013. It hit our sweet spot of combining product development, branding, and communications design. Read more about the project here »

MinderPet Packaging


And finally, a few new logos…

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Video: Best Logos of the 20th Century

Great video by Yungsik Hong featuring some fabulous logos from the last century. Makes you wonder what the 21st century will bring.

Refresh this page if you can’t see the video below.

20century logos14 from YUNSIK HONG on Vimeo.

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Subliminal Visuals in Big Brand Logos

There’s a reason why corporations can spend millions developing a new logo: it takes research, thought, and design development — time, that is — to get it exactly right. There are some great logos out there, and then there are those logos that go the extra mile to include symbolism that the viewer may not even (consciously) notice! Here are six great examples of how a logo design can be pushed to subtly include additional visual information that takes it from good to brilliant.



Did you notice the arrow in the negative space between the E and x? It’s subliminally transmitting thoughts to us of expediency and direction. Now that you’ve seen it, you can’t stop looking at it, right?

Baskin Robbins


Remember 31 flavors? It’s a key aspect to their brand, and there it is in pink at the top of their logo. I always wondered: what if they decide to add more flavors?

Milwaukee Brewers


This one is wicked subtle, but the shape of the mitt consists of an “m” and a “b.”



This has always been one of my favorite big-brand logos. I have always appreciated the hidden dimple in the arrow that smiles (like when you get your package!), but I just now got the A to Z message representing the expanse of their offering. Brilliant!



A lovely classic (since 1986!) with the peacock mascot hidden by negative space in the rainbow. And a vast improvement on previous iterations.



I admit to never really studying at the Sun logo mark, but now that I just have, I think it’s totally brilliant. The Us and Ns within it spell SUN! And it’s readable in any direction (that’s called an ambigram).

Cool or what? I’m inspired!

Thanks to DesignTaxi for the idea for this post!


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