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The New First Aid Kit: Beautiful Union of Product Design and Graphic Design

It had to happen some time: the improvement of the first aid kit. Designer Kevin Harald Campean has reconceptualized an approach to the first aid kit that nails the intersection of form and function — the gold star of design. Everything is well organized into compartments and the iconographic approach makes it easy to get what’s inside at a glance. A huge improvement over the traditional mess that becomes a first aid kit over the years. An inspiration for re-thinking household items that we might take for granted.

Apparently orange is the new red!

The Redesigned First Aid Kit

Via The Dieline

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Brand Extension: A Morning Dose of Grumpy Cat?

Quick on the heels of the kittens and bacon infographic post is the news that a coffee drink honoring social media star-kitty Grumpy Cat is coming soon. Grumpy Cat’s brand and product managers claim:

“Grumpy Cat™ Grumppuccino™ iced coffee is a delicious and creamy blend of premium Arabica coffee and milk! It’s Awfully Good™”

Finally, social media will make it to the supermarket aisle. I don’t make this stuff up! See it for yourself.


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5 Beautiful Envelope Designs

There is inspiration to be found in the world of print. Allow yourself to soak up the following wonderfully creative envelope designs. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Liqueur by Ewelina Bocian

I love this brilliant approach to liquor packaging. (When did the whole “hide it in a brown paper bag” thing begin anyway?) A nice retro reference with a modern twist.

Liqueur Envelope

Roots by Jodie Smith

This makes me want to run out and plant some veggies! (Spring can’t come soon enough.) Very tactile feeling to the design, just like digging around in the dirt.

Seeds Envelopes

Self-promotion by Miriam Sørli Onarheim

Another cool example of laser-cut technology. A beautiful way to present her ‘reel’ on DVD.

Miriam Envelope

Ivy Hotel by CRU Agency

Classic, almost retro, and the gold foil makes it feel uber-deluxe, presumably reflecting the hotel brand.

Ivy Envelope

Bespoke by We Are Designer

I love the fun fold on this, which ends in a gold-foil corner. A nice contrast to the rough printing on the interior. But I’d hate to be the one to have to explain this to the print vendor!

Bespoke Envelope


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