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Fun Friday: Totally Weird Stock Photography

I’m not being judgmental here — this is TotallyWeirdStock! If you were wondering what Twitter is good for, here’s an example: enabling interesting people to post interesting things. In this case, @StockFinds has been posting some really strange stock images. From actual stock photo sites. I do always stress the importance of using professional photography. In this case, it’s good for a belly laugh! For me, I can’t imagine what kind of brochure I’d use the following photos for. Can you?


Artificial intelligence.


Um, sunbathing banana.


Head on a platter. What?


I might be tempted to try this in a tech brochure some day…


The watermelon helmet…the bandaid? Huh?


Ok, no-brainer: hedge fund brochure!


“Hello, I love macaroni. Don’t you?”




Get me out of here!!!


Now, how did he do that?


Not sure where to go with this concept…


Ah, zip it!

Enjoy many more here »

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Infographic: 10 Tips for Better Social Media Updates

Some great ideas by Short Stack and The Social Skinny on how to maximize your likes, shares and comments. Pin it to your wall! My faves:

  • Share a Tip — people love them! Make sure you identify it as a tip, though.
  • Inspire Action — wishin’ ain’t gonna make it so…ask and you shall receive: “Share this”, “Comments, please” or “Pin it!” all help make action happen.
  • Add PS — this works when used sparingly, otherwise ppl will stop looking at the PS as well.

Share this so someone else can enjoy it!

Social Media Updates Infographic

Via Design Taxi

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Help Me Reach 100 Likes!

The Facebook page is inches away from 100 likes. Help me reach my centennial! There are a few reasons why it will benefit you, and your business:

  1. Get inspiring design and business tips from around the web, almost every day.
  2. DESIGN@WORK blog posts will show up in your news feed, just a click away!
  3. Check out cool work we’re working on for other clients. Borrow ideas as required.
  4. It’s possible there will be a “Facebook-only” promotion coming soon.
  5. Stay in touch and engage, as business is all about relationships.

Already liking me there? Tell a friend by sharing this post on your Facebook timeline.

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Melissa Tatge Creative on Facebook

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Brand Extension: A Morning Dose of Grumpy Cat?

Quick on the heels of the kittens and bacon infographic post is the news that a coffee drink honoring social media star-kitty Grumpy Cat is coming soon. Grumpy Cat’s brand and product managers claim:

“Grumpy Cat™ Grumppuccino™ iced coffee is a delicious and creamy blend of premium Arabica coffee and milk! It’s Awfully Good™”

Finally, social media will make it to the supermarket aisle. I don’t make this stuff up! See it for yourself.


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Infographic: How Social Media is Changing the World

The professionals tell you to use social media in your marketing efforts, and you roll your eyes, thinking, “Yeah, I know. But I just hate Twitter!” You’re reluctant, maybe, but have you thought about exactly why it’s so important? Social media is more than just another way to reach out to your potential customer, it’s a fundamental, permanent shift in the way the world is communicating. Like how people began using computers 20 years ago and it was a drag to have to learn that, too? Yeah, like that.

But now there’s no need to get overwhelmed. This great infographic by MyLife breaks it down in chunks, to give you a reality check. Of particular interest, IMHO*:

  • Twitter users reported on the 2012 Aurora CO shooting before news crews could even make it to the scene = real-time communication
  • The prevalence of cameras on phones combined with social media is now helping law enforcement catch more criminals faster = global documentation
  • 89% of job recruiters have hired employees through LinkedIn = expansive networking
  • Social media inspires more people to vote and increases political awareness = citizen engagement
  • Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube at age 12, worth $80 million at 18 = fame, anyone?
  • Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, and PPC, and the conversion rates are 13% higher = more bang for the buck
  • People spend on average 2.5-4.5 hours per day on social media, and they are directing their activities = captive, interactive audience

Food for thought. So how can you make the most of it?

How Social Media is Changing the World Infographic

via DesignTaxi

*For all you non-texters, it means “in my humble opinion.” 🙂

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