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Melissa Tatge, Creative Director & Designer

In 2004, Melissa hung her shingle with one very simple goal: Do great work for passionate, driven clients who want to build strategic creative partnerships for the long-term.

Part of that goal evolves from her style—she values good relationships as much as beautiful type or the perfect shade of blue—and part of it comes from her background: Her formal training is in product design, so she’s particularly attuned to the importance of abiding a cohesive and holistic process. (Be prepared: diving deep in the process means there is sometimes “homework” for clients, but Melissa promises it will be fun.)

Her diverse experience—in graphic design, product design, environmental graphics, branding, and web design—comes from the years she worked as a designer and creative director at various dots on the map including Frances Meyer, Inc. in Savannah, GA, Stan Adler Associates in NYC, and Ecotrust a wildly ambitious gang of conservationists in Portland, Oregon. Since she’s been running the show at her own firm, she’s honed her skills so well that she can deftly cut through all the marketing mumbo jumbo to get to the beating heart of a project.

While there aren’t many “rules” at Melissa Tatge Creative, there is one overriding mantra, something Melissa picked up from one of the industry’s phenoms, Dan Wieden (W+K): “The work comes first.” And she’s a stickler for getting things right the first time. (Her clients love this, by the way). Everything that leaves the studio is impeccably designed meet the dual standards of what her client needs and what is actually going to work in the real world. (Some clients have used the word “magical” when talking about what she does.)

Best of all, she truly cares about the work—and her clients.

Her clients get this. They feel it. And it’s why most of her clients have been with her for years. Because working with Melissa feels real. Real conversation. Real trust. Real collaboration. And, of course, real results.

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